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Technical Analysis
Programmer's Toolkit
Technical Analysis
Programmer's Toolkit
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What's New in Verison 6.0

Help File
The Help File has been greatly improved including more detailed descriptions and formulas for every technical indicator.

Sample Programs
The 14 sample programs are now provided in Delphi, VB.NET and C# in addition to C/C++ and Visual Basic 6.

80 New Technical Indicators
See the full list here.

13 New Advance/Decline Indicators
See the full list here.

Indicator Function Improvements
All indicators now allocate output arrays (if not already allocated).
All indicators set a first valid property that makes it easier to use the output and to calculate indicators of other indicators.

New Calculation Functions
Added fmROC, fmEMA, fmMedianPrice, fmTypicalPrice and fmWeightedClose.

Array Sizes
Array sizes are now long integers, effectively removing limitations on the number of bars of data that can be read and worked with over 500 million bars which is two million years worth of daily bars or four thousand years worth of one minute bars.

New Array/Bar Functions
New functions fmCopyArray, fmCopyBars, fmFindDate, fmGroupArray, fmMultAddArray, fmResizeArray, fmReallocArray and fmShiftArray make it easier to work with and manipultate array data.

New Date Functions
The Date functions have been completely rewritten to be easier to use and to use a standard format (OLE date) for the date/time.
Most programming languages can now access Toolkit dates using their native date handling functions.

File Access Functions
Support for directly reading AIQ files has been added.
Improved functions for reading data from text files.
Added new function to read non-price data (e.g. advance/decline) from MetaStock files.

Trading Function Improvements
Added buy/sell "at close" orders (in addition to the existing market, limit and stop orders).
Added new allowpyramid, allowlongs, allowshorts and commissionpct (in addition to the existing commission amount) properties to make system testing easier.
The trading system now dynamically allocates memory for orders and trades, effectively removing limitations.

New Optimization Functions
New functions fmOptVarString, and fmOptVarStringLen make it easier to analyse large numbers of test results.

New Graphing Functions
The Graphing functions have been completely rewritten. They are extremely flexible and are easier to use than previous versions.

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