Toolkit Functions
Toolkit Functions
Toolkit Functions
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Function Categories

Comparative Indicators
A/D Indicators
Calculation Functions
Formation Functions
Candlestick Functions
Financial Functions
Trading Functions
Optimization Functions
Graphing Functions
Point&Figure Functions
File Access Functions
Array/Bar Functions
Date/Time Functions
Misc Functions

fmAccumDistAccumulation/Distribution Line
fmAccumSwingIndexAccumulation Swing Index
fmAccumulateAccumulate or Running Total
fmADXAverage Directional Movement Index (ADX)
fmADXRAverage Directional Movement Rating (ADXR)
fmArmsEMVEase of Movement
fmAroonOscillatorAroon Oscillator
fmATRAverage True Range (ATR)
fmAvgPricesAverage Price
fmBollingerBollinger Bands
fmBollingerWidthBollinger Band Width
fmCCICommodity Channel Index (CCI)
fmCFTPPChicago Floor Trading Pivotal Point
fmChaikinMoneyFlowChaikin Money Flow
fmChaikinOscillatorChaikin Oscillator
fmChaikinVolatilityChaikin Volatility
fmCMOChande Momentum Oscillator (CMO)
fmCorCoefMvMoving Correlation Coefficient
fmCovarianceMvMoving Covariance
fmCSIndexCommodity Selection Index (CSI)
fmDemandIdxDemand Index
fmDeTrendDe-trended Price
fmDIDirectional Movement Index (+DI and -DI)
fmDispersionMvMoving Dispersion
fmDMIDynamic Momentum Index (DMI)
fmDownAverageDown Average
fmDPODetrended Price Oscillator (DPO)
fmDXDirectional Movement Index (DX)
fmEnvelopePctEnvelope Percent
fmExpMAExponential Moving Average
fmFillIntervalFill intervals between signals
fmForecastOscillatorForecast Oscillator
fmHerrickPayoffIndexHerrick Payoff Index
fmIchimokuKinkoHyoIchimoku Kinko Hyo
fmIMIIntraday Momentum Index (IMI)
fmKOKlinger Oscillator (KO)
fmLineOscLine Oscillator
fmLstSqrMALeast Squares Moving Average
fmMACDMoving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
fmMAEnvelopeMoving Average Envelope
fmMAHighLowMoving Averages of the High and Low
fmMassIndexMass Index
fmMedianPricesMedian Price
fmMESAsinewaveMESA Sinewave
fmMFIMarket Facilitation Index (MFI)
fmMoneyFlowIndexMoney Flow Index
fmMovingAverageMoving Average
fmMovingSumMoving Summation
fmNMONet Momentum Oscillator (NMO)
fmNVINegative Volume Index (NVI)
fmOBOiMvOn Balance Open Interest (OBOI)
fmOBVOn Balance Volume (OBV)
fmOBVolExpOn Balance Volume, Expanded System
fmOBVolMvOn Balance Volume, Moving
fmOscillatorPctOscillator (Percent)
fmPerformancePctPerformance Indicator
fmPFEPolarized Fractal Efficiency (PFE)
fmPriceChannelsPrice Channels
fmPriceOscillatorPrice Oscillator
fmPriceOscillatorPctPrice Oscillator, Percent
fmProjectionBandsProjection Bands
fmProjectionBandwidthProjection Bandwidth
fmProjectionOscillatorProjection Oscillator
fmPVIPositive Volume Index (PVI)
fmPVOPercentage Volume Oscillator (PVO)
fmPVrankPrice Volume Rank
fmPVTPrice and Volume Trend (PVT)
fmRangeIndicatorRange Indicator
fmRateOfChangeRate of Change
fmRegressionLineMvMoving Regression Line
fmRMIRelative Momentum Index (RMI)
fmRSIRelative Strength Index (RSI)
fmRVIRelative Volatility Index (RVI)
fmRVIoriginalRelative Volatility Index (RVI) - Original Calculation
fmRWIRandom Walk Index (RWI)
fmSARParabolic SAR
fmSimpleMASimple Moving Average
fmSMIStochastic Momentum Index (SMI)
fmStdDevMvMoving Standard Deviation
fmStdErrBandsStandard Error Bands
fmStdErrMvMoving Standard Error
fmStochasticGeneral Stochastic Calculation
fmStochasticOscillatorStochastic Oscillator
fmStochRSIStochastic RSI
fmSwingIndexSwing Index
fmTRTrue Range (TR)
fmTrendScoreTrend Score
fmTriangularMATriangular Moving Average
fmTSITrue Strength Index (TSI)
fmTypicalPricesTypical Price
fmUltimateOscUltimate Oscillator
fmUpAverageUp Average
fmVariableMAVariable Moving Average
fmVHFVertical Horizontal Filter (VHF)
fmVolAdjustedMAVolume Adjusted Moving Average
fmWeightedClosesWeighted Close
fmWeightedMAWeighted Moving Average
fmWellesMAWelles Wilder Moving Average
fmWellesSumWelles Wilder Summation
fmWellesVolatilityWelles Wilder Volatility System
fmWilliamsADWilliams Accumulation/Distribution
fmWilliamsRWilliams %R
fmZeroLagExpMAZero Lag Exponential Moving Average
fmZigZagZig Zag

Comparative IndicatorsTop
fmCompPerformanceComparative Performance
fmCompStrengthComparative Strength
fmRSICComparative Relative Strength Index

A/D IndicatorsTop
fmABIAbsolute Breadth Index (ABI)
fmADIssuesAdvancing-Declining Issues
fmADLineAdvance/Decline Line
fmADLineBreadthAdvance/Decline Line Breadth
fmADRatioAdvance/Decline Ratio
fmBoltonTremblayBolton-Tremblay Indicator
fmBreadthThrustBreadth Thrust
fmBretzTRIN5Bretz TRIN-5
fmCVICumulative Volume Index (CVI)
fmMcClellanOscillatorMcClellan Oscillator
fmMcClellanSummationMcClellan Summation
fmOpen10TRINOpen-10 TRIN
fmTRINArms Index (TRIN)
fmUpDownRatioUpside/Downside Ratio
fmUpDownVolumeUpside/Downside Volume

Calculation FunctionsTop
fmArrayStatsArray Statistics (min, max, avg, sum)
fmArrayStatsPosArray Statistics Position (min pos, max pos)
fmAvgPriceAverage Price of a bar
fmBarStatsBar Statistics (min, max)
fmCorCoefCorrelation Coefficient
fmEMAExponential Moving Average (one value)
fmExpToPeriodConvert Exponential Factor to Periods
fmFibonacciProjectFibonacci Projections
fmFibonacciRetraceFibonacci Retracements
fmFirstNonZeroItemFirst Non-zero Item
fmLastHighLast High
fmLastLowLast Low
fmMedianPriceMedian Price of a Bar
fmOBOiOn Balance Open Interest (one value)
fmOBVolOn Balance Volume (one value)
fmPeriodToExpConvert Periods to Exponential Factor
fmRegressionLineRegression Line
fmROCRate Of Change (one value)
fmSlopeArrayPtsSlope Between Two Points in an fmArray
fmSlopePtsSlope Between Two Sets of Coordinants
fmStdDevStandard Deviation
fmStdErrStandard Error
fmSumPrevSums Previous fmArray Items
fmTrueHighTrue High of a Bar
fmTrueLowTrue Low of a Bar
fmTrueRangeTrue Range of a Bar
fmTypicalPriceTypical Price of a Bar
fmWeightedCloseWeighted Close of a Bar

Formation FunctionsTop
fmCPRClosing Point Reverseal Formation (CPR)
fmCrossOverCrossover Formation
fmCrossOverFillFill an Array with fmCrossOver results
fmFormationFillFill an fmArray with Detected Formations
fmGapGap Formation
fmInsideBarInside Bar Formation
fmIslandReversalIsland Reversal Formation
fmKeyReversalKey Reversal Formation
fmOutsideBarOutside Bar Formation
fmTurnTurn Formation
fmTurnFillFill an Array with fmTurn results

Candlestick FunctionsTop
fmAbandonedBabyBottomAbandoned Baby Bottom candlestick formation finder
fmAbandonedBabyTopAbandoned Baby Top candlestick formation finder
fmAdvanceBlockAdvance Block candlestick formation finder
fmApproxEqualApproximately Equal Test
fmBeltHoldLineBearBearish Belt Hold Line candlestick formation finder
fmBeltHoldLineBullBullish Belt Hold Line candlestick formation finder
fmBodyGapDnBody Gap Down candlestick formation finder
fmBodyGapUpBody Gap Up candlestick formation finder
fmBodyMidpointCandlestick Body Midpoint
fmCandleBotShadowCandlestick Bottom Shadow Size
fmCandleColorCandlestick Color
fmCandleConstructConstruct Candlestick Data from fmBars
fmCandleFillFill an fmArray with Detected Candlestick formations
fmCandleFreeFree Candlestick Data
fmCandleShapeCandlestick Shape
fmCandleTopShadowCandlestick Top Shadow Size
fmCounterAttackBearBearish Counter Attack Line candlestick formation finder
fmCounterAttackBullBullish Counter Attack Bull Line candlestick formation finder
fmDarkCloudCoverDark Cloud Cover candlestick formation finder
fmEngulfingLineBearBearish Engulfing Line candlestick formation finder
fmEngulfingLineBullBullish Engulfing Line candlestick formation finder
fmEveningDojiStarEvening Doji Star candlestick formation finder
fmEveningStarEvening Star candlestick formation finder
fmFalling3MethodFalling Three Method candlestick formation finder
fmGravestoneDojiGravestone Doji candlestick formation finder
fmHammerHammer candlestick formation finder
fmHangingmanHangingMan candlestick formation finder
fmHaramiBlackBlack Harami candlestick formation finder
fmHaramiCrossBlackBlack Harami Cross candlestick formation finder
fmHaramiCrossWhiteWhite Harami Cross candlestick formation finder
fmHaramiWhiteWhite Harami candlestick formation finder
fmHighWaveHigh Wave candlestick formation finder
fmInNeckLineInNeck line candlestick formation finder
fmInvertedHammerInverted Hammer candlestick formation finder
fmLongLeggedDojiLong Legged Doji candlestick formation finder
fmMatHoldPatternMatHold Pattern candlestick formation finder
fmMorningDojiStarMorning Doji Star candlestick formation finder
fmMorningStarMorning Star candlestick formation finder
fmPiercingLinePiercing Line candlestick formation finder
fmRising3MethodRising Three Method candlestick formation finder
fmSeperatingLineBearBearish Seperating Line candlestick formation finder
fmSeperatingLineBullBullish Seperating Line candlestick formation finder
fmShootingStarShooting Star candlestick formation finder
fmSideBySideWhiteGapDnSide by Side White Gapping down candlestick formation finder
fmSideBySideWhiteGapUpSide by Side White Gapping up candlestick formation finder
fmStalledPatternStalled Pattern candlestick formation finder
fmTasukiDownsideGapTasuki Downside Gap candlestick formation finder
fmTasukiUpsideGapTasuki Upside Gap candlestick formation finder
fmThreeGapsDownThree Gaps Down candlestick formation finder
fmThreeGapsUpThree Gaps Up candlestick formation finder
fmThreeWhiteSoldiersThree White Soldiers candlestick formation finder
fmThrustingLineThrusting Line candlestick formation finder
fmUpsideGap2CrowsUpside Gap Two Crows candlestick formation finder
fmWesternGapDnWestern Gap Down candlestick formation finder
fmWesternGapUpWestern Gap Up candlestick formation finder

Financial FunctionsTop
fmApprxCumProbDistApproximate Cumulative Probability Distribution
fmBearCallBear Call Option Spread Calculation
fmBearPutBear Put Option Spread Calculation
fmBlackScholesBlack/Scholes Option Call Pricing Calculation
fmBondAccrIntAccrued Interest on a Bond Calculation
fmBondDurationBond Duration Calculation
fmBondDurationPriceChgBond Duration Price Change Calculation
fmBondPricingBond Pricing Calculation
fmBullCallBull Call Option spread Calculation
fmBullPutBull Put Option spread Calculation
fmFutureValueFuture Value Calculation
fmFutureValueAnnuityFuture Value of an Annuity Calculation
fmFutureValueIntFuture Value Interest Rate Required
fmFutureValuePrincFuture Value Principal Required
fmLongStraddleLong Straddle Option Spread
fmLongStrangleLong Strangle Option Spread
fmOptionInitOption Spread Initialization
fmPresentValuePresent Value Calculation
fmPresentValueAnnuityPresent Value of an Annuity Calculation
fmShortStraddleShort Straddle Option Spread
fmShortStrangleShort Strangle Option Spread
fmTBillBondEqYldTreasury Bill Bond Equivalent Yield Calculation
fmTBillDiscYldTreasury Bill Discount Yield Calculation
fmYieldtoMaturityYield to Maturity Calculation

Trading FunctionsTop
fmBuyToCloseBuy to Close Order
fmBuyToOpenBuy to Open Order
fmCancelOrderCancel an Open Order
fmCreateTradeGraphCreate Array of Trades for Graphing
fmOrderSystemCloseClose the Order System
fmOrderSystemInitInitialize the Order System
fmOrderSystemResetReset the Order System
fmPrintOrdersPrint Orders Report
fmPrintTradesPrint Trades Report
fmProcessOrdersProcess Open Orders
fmProfitRptPrint Detailed Profit Report
fmProfitRpt1Print One-line Profit Report
fmSellToCloseSell to Close Order
fmSellToOpenSell to Open Order

Optimization FunctionsTop
fmOptVarCountCount Optimization Variable Iterations
fmOptVarStringCreate String of Optimization Variable Values
fmOptVarStringLenCalculate size of the Optimization Variable Values String
fmOptVarValueSet Optimization Variable Values

Graphing FunctionsTop
fmGraphChartAddAdd a chart to a graph sub-window
fmGraphChartRemoveRemove a chart from a graph sub-window
fmGraphFreeFree graph window memory
fmGraphGetXYinfoGet info about a point on a graph window
fmGraphGetXYposGet location of a point on a graph window
fmGraphInitInitialize graph window data
fmGraphLineAddAdd a horizontal line to a graph sub-window
fmGraphLineRemoveRemove a horizontal line from a graph sub-window
fmGraphPaintPaint a graph window
fmGraphRefreshHeadFootRefresh the headings and footing on a graph window
fmGraphSelectObjectSelect an object on a graph window
fmGraphShapeAddAdd a shape to a graph sub-window
fmGraphShapeRemoveRemove a shape from a graph sub-window
fmGraphSubwinAddAdd a sub-window to a graph window
fmGraphSubwinOrderChange the order of a graph sub-window
fmGraphSubwinRemoveRemove a sub-window from a graph window

Point&Figure FunctionsTop
fmBars2PNFConvert Bars to Point and Figure Data
fmBars2PNFhiloConvert Bars to Point and Figure Data (high/low method)
fmPNFchartPrint Point and Figure Chart

File Access FunctionsTop
fmAIQfindrecFind a record in an AIQ file
fmAIQlistList AIQ files
fmAIQlist1Return file list string for an AIQ file
fmAIQreadRead an AIQ file
fmCSIfindrecFind a record in a CSI file
fmCSIlistList CSI files
fmCSIreadRead a CSI file
fmCTfindrecFind a record in a CompuTrac/MetaStock file
fmCTlistList CompuTrac/MetaStock files
fmCTreadRead a CompuTrac/MetaStock file
fmCTreadarrayRead a CompuTrac/MetaStock file into an Array
fmDJfindrecFind a record in a DowJones file
fmDJlistLists DowJones files
fmDJreadRead a DowJones file
fmFILEfindrecFind a record in a price data file
fmFILElistList price data files
fmFILEprintinfoPrint fmBars Info
fmFILEreadRead a price data file
fmFILEtypeConvert character file type to number
fmFSfindrecFind a record in a FutureSource file
fmFSlistList FutureSource files
fmFSlist1Return file list string for a FutureSource file
fmFSreadRead a FutureSource file
fmTCfindrecFind a record in a TeleChart2000v3 file
fmTClistList TeleChart2000v3 files
fmTCreadRead a TeleChart2000v3 file
fmTTfindrecFind a record in a TechTools file
fmTTlistList TechTools files
fmTTlist1Return file list string for a TechTools file
fmTTreadRead a TechTools file
fmTXTfindrecFind a record in a Text price data file
fmTXTlistList Text price data files
fmTXTreadRead a Text price data file
fmTXTreadarrayRead a Text file into an Array
fmTXTreadinfoRead TXTinfo data from a file
fmTXTwriteWrite text to a text file
fmTXTwriteinfoWrite TXTinfo data to a file
fmTXTwritelineWrite a line of text to a text file

Array/Bar FunctionsTop
fmAllocArrayAllocate Array data
fmAllocBarsAllocate Bars data
fmArrayItemReturns or sets the value of a specific Item in an Array
fmArrayItemPReturns or sets the value of a specific Item in an Array
fmCopyArrayCopy one Array to another
fmCopyBarInfoCopy Bar info properties from one set of Bars to another
fmCopyBarsCopy one set of Bars to another
fmFindDateFind index of a date in Bars
fmFreeArrayFree fmArray data
fmFreeBarsFree Bars data
fmGetArrayItemGet the value of an Array data item
fmGetMaxFirstValidGet value of MaxFirstValid
fmGroupArrayGroup Array data based on Bars date
fmGroupBarsGroup multiple bars into one bar
fmGroupBarsDateGroup Bars by date
fmGroupBarsPeriodsMoving grouping of bars
fmGroupBarsTimeGroup Bars by time
fmMultAddArrayMultiply and Add to Array values
fmReAllocArrayRe-allocate Array data
fmReAllocBarsRe-allocate Bars data
fmReSizeArrayChange the size of an Array
fmReSizeBarsChange the size of Bars
fmScaleArrayScale Array
fmSetArrayItemSet the value of an Array data item
fmSetFirstValidSet firstvalid property of an Array and update MaxFirstValid
fmSetMaxFirstValidSet MaxFirstValid value
fmShiftArrayShift Array data

Date/Time FunctionsTop
fmDateDiffCalculate the difference between two dates
fmDatePartGet part of a date
fmDateStrToDateConvert a date string to a date
fmDateStrToYMDConvert a date string to year, month and day
fmDateStrValidateValidate a date string
fmDateToYMDConvert a date to year, month and day
fmDateValidateValidate year, month and day
fmDayOfWeekCalculate the day of week of a date
fmFormatDateFormat a date into a date string
fmIsLeapYearDetermine if a year is a leap year
fmNumToDateConvert a number to a date
fmNumToTimeConvert a number to Julian time
fmSet2DigitYearCutoffSet two digit year cutoff
fmSetDefaultDateFormatSet default date format
fmTimeStrToHMSConvert a time string to hours, minutes and seconds
fmTimeStrToTimeConvert a time string to standard date/time
fmYearToDaysConvert a year to Julian days
fmYMDtoDateConvert year, month and day to a date

Misc FunctionsTop
fmDecimalsDecimal portion of floating point number
fmErrDescGet the text description of a Toolkit error code
fmErrMessageBoxCreate a message box containing a Toolkit error message
fmIEEEtoMSConvert an IEEE float to Microsoft binary format
fmMStoIEEEConvert a Microsoft binary format float to an IEEE float
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