Technical Analysis
Programmer's Toolkit
Technical Analysis
Programmer's Toolkit
Technical Analysis
Programmer's Toolkit
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Everything You Need to Build, Test, Optimize and Chart Your Trading Systems

The Technical Analysis Programmer's Toolkit is a library of over 400 functions that implement some of the most widely used technical analysis techniques for developing computerized trading and investment systems. The Toolkit was developed by FM Labs in the process of creating customized trading systems for our clients and contains everything you need to build complete trading systems in Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, C/C++ or Delphi.

Trading systems are composed of the following components: price data of the securities to be analyzed, technical indicators and a set of trading rules that interpret the price and indicator data. The Toolkit includes functions to read price data from industry standard formats, functions to perform technical and statistical calculations, functions to track trades, functions to analyze the profitability of the trades and functions to chart price, indicator and trade data. The only missing piece is your set of trading rules.

Technical Indicators
The Toolkit contains over 140 of the most popular indicators including market strength indicators, momentum indicators, trend indicators, volatility indicators, eight kinds of moving averages and 17 advance/decline studies.

Statistical Calculations
The Toolkit provides many statistical functions such as correlation coefficient, covariance, dispersion, r squared, standard deviation, standard error and linear regressions.

Formation Detection
The Toolkit contains functions to detect common formations such as gaps, crossovers and reversals as well as a blueprint for creating functions to detect your own formations.

The Toolkit uses specialized "fuzzy logic" algorithms to detect 45 different Japanese candlestick formations.

Financial Calculations
The Toolkit contains functions for bond pricing, fixed income calculations, the Black-Scholes model and more.

Trade Simulation
The Toolkit includes a complete trade simulation system including the ability to place long and short orders, set stops and limits, produce profit analysis reports and optimize trading systems.

Data Access
The Toolkit supports the following industry standard data formats: ASCII text, AIQ, CSI, CompuTrac, MetaStock, Dow Jones Market Analyzer Plus, FutureSource, Telechart 2000 V3, and TechTools. The internal formats of these files are very complex and vary greatly. The Toolkit provides a set of simple functions to read any of the formats with one line of code.

The Toolkit contains full-featured graphing modules which enable you to chart price data, indicators, trend lines and trades in a variety of formats. The modules feature automatic scaling and scrolling, and are designed with ease of use in mind.

More than 400 functions
Detailed online documentation
14 sample programs in 5 different languages: Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, C#, C/C++ and Delphi
Royalty free usage
Free support
Complete source code available

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