Klinger Oscillator (KO)

The Klinger Oscillator uses a combination of high-low trading range, volume and accumulation/distribution to find trading tops and bottoms. The KO is used with a signal line which is a 13 period Exponential Moving Average of the KO.

To interpret the KO, look for divergence with the price to signal the coming end of a trend, or to indicate that rising/falling prices are not forming a new trend. A buy signal is generated when the KO rises from below zero to cross above the trigger line. A sell signal is generated when the KO falls from its high and crosses below the trigger line.

The Klinger Oscillator is also known as the Klinger Volume Oscillator or KVO.

The Klinger Oscillator was developed by Stephen J. Klinger and was first presented in his article in the Winter 1994/Spring 1995 issue of MTA Journal.


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